Product Warranty

Three bags of responsibility

Consumers to purchase products under the following conditions, the right to take three packs of distributor liability.

1. Do not have the product should have the property, not specified in advance;

2. Explicit use of the product does not meet the standard requirements;

3. Do not meet the product description, physical samples that the quality of the state;

4. Products by technical supervision department of administrative departments and other statutory test failure;

5. Two products can not normally repair.

Three bags of duty time

1. "7 days" states: products sold within 7 days from the date, the occurrence of performance problems, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair.

2. "15," provides that: products sold l5 days from the date, the occurrence of performance problems, consumers can choose a replacement or repair.

3. "Warranty Period" states: "Three Guarantees" valid from date of invoice. In the country's first batch of "three guarantees" l8 kinds of commodities, such as color televisions, watches and so on "three" is valid, the whole six months to one year were divided, the main components of one to three years. In the "three guarantees" repair period twice, still can not properly use the products, consumers present their records and proof of repair, replacement of the same model with the specifications of the product or return in accordance with relevant regulations, "three" period should be deducted for maintenance and occupancy and no spare parts for repairs of the time. After replacement of the "three guarantees" is valid from the date of re-replacement calculations.

4. "90 days" rules and "30" states: "Three Guarantees" period, because the producer did not supply spare parts, from the date of repair are not repaired for more than 90 days, the repairer should be indicated in the repair status, According to the seller by virtue of free exchange for the consumer products with the same model specification. For their own reasons to make repairs repairer more than 30 days, by free exchange for the consumer products with the same model specifications, the cost borne by the repairer.

5.30 Day "and" 5 years "which states: repairer should ensure that the repaired product to normal use of more than 30 days, producers should ensure that the product discontinued after 5 years to meet the technical requirements for spare parts.

6. Three packs of the new regulations from l995 into effect August 25, where after the date of purchase included in the three packs of catalog products, consumers have the right to require sellers, repairer, producers take three packs of responsibility. On August 25, 1995 previously purchased product, can only continue in accordance with the 1986 release of "some domestic appliances three packs of" implementation.

Warranty obligations

Obligations sellers

(A) can not ensure the implementation of three packs of provisions, not listed in the catalog sales of products;

(B) to maintain the quality of products sold;

(C) the implementation of incoming inspection and acceptance system, does not meet the statutory labeling requirements, will be allowed to sell;

(D) products sold, it should be out of the box test, the correct debugging, introduces maintenance issues, three bags of way and repair units, to provide a valid invoice and warranty card.

(E) properly handle consumer inquiries, complaints, and provide services.

Obligations mender

(A) undertake repair services;

(B) to maintain sales, producer reputation, shall not use the product does not match the technical requirements for components and spare parts. Careful record of failure and repair the situation after the product quality to ensure that the repaired product to normal use of more than 30 days;

(C) ensure that all repair costs and repair parts for repair. Accept the sellers, producers of the supervision and inspection;

(D) take responsibility for their own responsibility and repair damage caused by errors;

(E) receiving consumer inquiries about the quality of product repair.

Producer obligations

(A) specifying three packs of way. Producers set their own repair units or designated, must provide consumers with the product warranty card, a list of repair unit, address, telephone, etc.;

(B) of the seller to be responsible for repair, repairer to provide repair of technical information, qualified repair parts, responsible for training, repair costs. To ensure that the product discontinued after 5 years to continue to provide spare parts meet the technical requirements;

(C) the proper handling of consumer inquiries directly or indirectly, and provide services.

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